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IRD Glass Employees

The greatest and most valuable asset that IRD Glass possesses is their employees. With an average tenure of 8 years each, these incredible individuals are what truly make IRD such a respected manufacturing facility.

Drawing from the strong work ethic of a small town, the education Minnesota is famous for, and the hardiness of the upper Midwest, IRD Glass has an invaluable resource in their employees. Smart, articulate and willing to take on any challenge, these employees seize upon each day’s opportunities to improve upon yesterday’s successes.

All 40 plus individuals are fully trained, with the majority cross-trained in multiple aspects of both their immediate responsibilities as well as those of their neighbors. This allows for an easy transfer of manpower when schedules dictate, when there actually is an illness or vacation, or just to help out.

The Cell Leaders bring over 80 years of combined glass experience to the floor every day, and they are all eager and willing to share this knowledge with their team.

With a workforce as solid and polished as this, everyone should feel extremely comfortable leaving even their most difficult glass jobs in the more than capable hands of the employees of IRD Glass.