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Customer intimate solutions mean different things to different people. To the many many satisfied customers of IRD Glass it means responsiveness, problem solving and dependability.

“When I’m in the development phase of a project, the responsiveness of IRD Glass is a huge positive for me,” explained one manufacturing engineer.

“We work closely with their engineers from product start-up through production and when we need something done, IRD Glass is able to turn things around quickly.” Another engineer agreed, citing his own experience with a recent project. “In a recent design, IRD Glass was doing a flex-designed filter glass component for us,” he explained. “We worked with IRD Glass to redesign the component, changing the shape, adding some chrome mesh and even multiple layers of coating to make the product just the way we needed it to be. “When there is a problem,” he added, “we can fix it and get things right for production the first time.”

For one purchasing agent, IRD Glass’ commitment to Customer Intimate solutions translates into dependability, whether that means quick turnaround in quoting, pricing or delivery. “I feel like when I need something,” she explained, “I can call IRD Glass and they will get it back to me quickly. They’re great to work with – very easy to work with.” “Of all our suppliers,” she added, “they provide me with probably the best communication.”

“We have a great relationship with them,” said another buyer. “When I call, the people at IRD Glass listen. I can get things turned around very quickly and efficiently.” “Whatever I need, whenever I need it,” she finished, “IRD Glass does their best to keep me satisfied.”

Satisfied customers agree; it is the commitment that IRD Glass displays to listening and working together to create Customer Intimate solutions that sets this Minnesota-based manufacturer of glass components ahead of their competition.