Behind the Glass Door

March 23, 2017

Jason White, Head of the Ring Laser Gyro Cell & Safety Director

Jason is Head of the Ring Laser Gyro Cell  and Safety Director Head of the Ring Laser Gyro cell for the past nine months, Jason White works with a great team of 6 self-motivated, energetic individuals ...
November 16, 2016

Mike Ward, Maintenance Team Lead

Mike is the Maintenance Team Lead overseeing all aspects of maintenance and tooling. This issue we feature Mike Ward, our own personal "Superman." Mike oversees all aspects of our maintenance program, from equipment installation, electrical diagnosis and ...
September 15, 2016

Melonie Crowe, Cell Lead in the New Product Cell

Melonie is the Cell Lead in the New Product Cell, where she oversees the process development of all new part numbers. IRD Glass is proud to introduce Melonie Crowe. Melonie has been with IRD for 19 years! ...
April 29, 2016

Meet Mark Schmidt, IRD’s Manufacturing Engineer

This month we feature Mark Schmidt, IRD's Manufacturing Engineer. Many of you have spoken or worked with Mark. He's been with, and appreciated at, IRD for over nine years. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering from ...
March 29, 2016

Meet Scott Ahl, IRD’s NewRing Laser Gyro Cell Lead

IRD's Ring Laser Gyro Cell is one of our busiest. Like a well-oiled machine, they produce Zerodur and nBK7 components used in the end manufacture of ring laser gyros for inertial navigation systems. These systems ...
February 29, 2016

Shanna Borowicz, IRD’s New Business Development Cell Lead

The BDC (Business Development Cell), at IRD oversees the production of part numbers that have passed through the New Product Introduction cycle, but may not yet be qualified to stand on their own. The BDC ...