Industries and Markets Served

For over 30 years, IRD Glass has been driven by a partnership philosophy. This devoted effort has allowed us to remain a sole-source supplier to numerous world class companies such as Honeywell (23 years), Trimble (19 years), and CyberOptics (19 years), Rockwell Collins (17 years), 3M, Trumpf, L3, Alcon, TDK, and more.

Laser OEM

IRD has a strong presence in the laser OEM market, providing cavity reflectors for the solid-state laser industry, HLDT/HR steering mirrors, splatter shields, precision spacers and tooling, beamsplitters, custom corner cubes, filters and many other custom components. IRD Glass and IRD Ceramics work with all types of materials, from fused silica to sapphire, from filter glass to chalcogenides, doped glass to crystals.

Sensor OEM & Pressure Transducer

IRD Glass manufactures customized precision glass tubes and pedestals for the pressure transducer and sensor industries. We also manufacture high-precision glass and ceramic rods used as tooling, spacers or masks.

Machine Vision

From cylindrical lenses to mirrors, windows to filters, IRD Glass manufactures a wide array of components for the machine vision industry.

IRD Glass creates precision reticles, parts for gauges, and assembly tools to service the instrumentation industry and semiconductor industries.

Industrial Tooling and Fixturing

IRD Glass manufactures precision glass and ceramic spacers, super flat glass seals, polishing tools, inspection and vacuum stages for the manufacturing industry.


IRD Glass manufactures precision optical components and advanced hard ceramics used in aerospace for everything from accelerometers to positioning gyros. We have supplied Honeywell with millions of precision glass components for extremely sensitive and accurate sensors for over 20 years. These components are used in the aerospace industry to measure altitude, speed, air pressure, location and other critical statistics.

Defense and Homeland Security

IRD Glass manufactures precision optics used in sensor components, vision and detection, and specialty laser applications used by defense contractors. We also provide IR coatings, specialized lenses, and coated filters essential to IR, UV and normal vision detection systems.


IRD Glass manufactures a variety of custom glass and ceramic components for the medical industry. A few examples include custom medical capillary slides, cuvettes, optical filters, ceramic probe tips, nozzles, ablating and cauterizing tips, precision tubes, sapphire windows, and advanced IR lenses used in infrared sensors.