IRD Glass and IRD Ceramics are Equal Opportunity Employers.

Quality Manager

Job Summary:

Develop, implement and manage the quality control system. designed to ensure continuous production with minimum defective product and high customer satisfaction. Develops and optimizes manufacturing processes to make a large range of optical and technical glass and ceramic products consistent with established standards, customer specifications and production goals. Serves customers by identifying their needs, and working with production and engineering to ensure IRD processes reliably meet or exceed customer requirements.  Drives revenue growth by coordinating resources required to successfully complete long-term and short-term ERP related projects.


Essential Functions:

  • Teamwork
  • Work with an overlying umbrella of goodwill and selflessness
  • Passion
  • Strive to continuously improve and innovate
  • Integrity
  • Taking personal responsibility for our actions and results
  • Manage the Quality Management System
  • Manage key portions of the quality system, including: corrective actions, document control, calibration, internal and external audits
  • Develop and analyze statistical data and product specifications to determine standards and to establish quality and reliability expectancy of finished products
  • Formulate, document and maintain quality control standards and on-going quality control objectives
  • Apply total quality management tools and approaches to analytical and reporting processes
  • Supervise workers engaged in inspection and testing activities to ensure high productivity and high technical integrity
  • Provide, and oversee, inspection activity for product throughout production cycle
  • ISO Representative for all locations within the company
  • Preparing reports, flow diagrams and charts
  • Developing, planning and organizing standard reports, queries and charts needed to evaluate the success of IRD
  • Return Merchandise Authorizations
  • Manage customer and vendor RMAs
  • Lead the efficient and effective turnaround of RMAs
  • Lead CAR/CAPAs, improvements to prevent reoccurrence of returns
  • Collaborating with the team
  • Coordinate objectives with production procedures in cooperation with other plant managers to maximize product reliability and minimize costs
  • Provide technical and statistical expertise to teams
  • Work closely with operators to monitor and improve the efficiency, output and safety of a process
  • Training
  • Train quality control methods and philosophy to personnel within company
  • Train new hires in our quality system
  • Design, develop and implement quality control training programs
  • Partnership with outside companies
  • Ensure a high level of internal and external customer service
  • Investigate and correct issues and complaints relating to quality
  • Interact with vendors to ensure quality of all purchased parts
  • Measurement Systems
  • Researches, advises and trains employees on measurement systems to provide quality control for new projects and requirements
  • Safety
  • Follow safety measures and wear appropriate PPE
  • 5S and general organization of your area
  • Improvements
  • Enhance job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities
  • Manage improvement projects
  • Maintain an active role on internal continuous improvement teams.
  • Identifies current and future improvement opportunities by establishing a personal rapport with IRD employees.
  • Optimize ERP System
  • Provides technical advice within the ERP system by asking and answering questions and requests
  • Participates in all ERP related training activities and creates technical support documentation for customizations performed
  • Using the ERP system to find, explain and demonstrate opportunities to increase IRD’s profitability
  • Contributes to ERP business system effectiveness by identifying short-term and long-range issues that must be addressed; recommending options and courses of action; implementing directives


Work Environment
While performing the duties of this job an employee most commonly sits or stand for 8 or more hours a day. Regularly walking and navigating between areas. The work is done in a climate controlled building. Noise levels are moderate and below OSHA thresholds. Occasional lifting up to 30 pounds. This role will work in the office and on the production floor as needed. Primarily based at the Litchfield Facility but occasionally may travel to other IRD locations, customers or vendors as needed. On occasion may also need to travel and stay overnight for training or other duties.

Education/Experience Required

  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • A 4-year college degree required, a technical (Engineering or Science based) degree or equivalent experience
  • Five or more years of experience in the quality field


Skills/Abilities Required

  • IRD’s Core Values: Teamwork, Integrity and Passion
  • Experience in a manufacturing setting
  • Experience with ISO 9001
  • Experience in managing a team
  • Customer Service
  • Advanced Math skills
  • Documentation Skills
  • Written and Verbal Communication Skills
  • Microsoft Excel, Outlook and Word
  • Experience with ERP systems
  • Organization Skills
  • Time management
  • Critically think to solve problems
  • Attention to detail
  • Process Development experience
  • Presentation Skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to multi-task between different processes as needed


Experience, Skills and Abilities Preferred

  • Experience in a manufacturing setting
  • LEAN and Six Sigma experience desired
  • Experience with AS9100
  • Experience with ISO 13485
  • Crystal Reports experience
  • Experience with glass or optics is a plus

Machinist – Litchfield, MN

Job Summary

A Machinist will ensure the efficient running of production by continuously developing and improving programming, tooling, machine set ups and process flow. A Machinist will also operate, complete machine setups and maintain various types of machinery. Quality checks to maintain conformity is crucial. Analysis of data from the process, quality checks and part specifications are important to continuous improvement.

 Essential Functions:

  • Machine Operations
  • Set-up, adjust and operate various machines: CNC machines, mills, lathes, Blanchard, lap master, polisher, saws, hand lap, ultrasonic, bevel, belt sander and more as assigned
  • Monitor and adjust machine feed and speeds to maximize product yield while simultaneously minimizing production cycle times.
  • Running multiple machines and processes at the same time
  • Programming
  • Writing, editing and troubleshooting programs for CNC and other machines from blueprint and other engineering documentation.
  • Programming measurement probes and writing code for the variables
  • Utilize blueprints, drawings and engineering information in order to determine methods and sequences of operations needed to fabricate products and to determine appropriate in-process targets and final product dimensions and tolerances.
  • Troubleshooting
  • Proactively identifying problems with machine set up and programming
  • Determining and actively develop fixturing and tooling for production and engineering
  • Troubleshooting of machine issues
  • Support projects from planning to fabrication through assembly, inspection, and testing, using knowledge of machine functions, glass properties, and mathematics.
  • Communication/Planning
  • Effectively communicate with engineering, management, and manufacturing personnel
  • Assess the production needs for the period; work with the lead to create fulfill the plan
  • Adapt to changes in demand/responsibilities as requested by a lead
  • Follow verbal and written direction
  • Documentation
  • Perform and record quality control measurements with various tools (micrometers, calipers, Starrett, OGP, CMM, pins, foot calipers, gages, additional as assigned)
  • Enter accurate information into log books, spreadsheets and on work orders
  • Completing transactions in ERP computer system
  • Organization
  • 5S and general organization of your area
  • Preparing parts for shipment
  • Quality Measures
  • Ensure calibration of inspection equipment is up to date
  • Calculating dimensions and tolerances using knowledge of print reading, mathematics and instruments such as micrometers, calipers, and measurement scopes.
  • Follow Glass Handling guidelines
  • Follow Incoming Raw Material inspections guidelines and perform incoming inspections
  • Safety
  • Follow safety measures including handling chemicals safely and wearing PPE.
  • General Cleaning


  • Perform the required preventative maintenance operations for machines, fixtures and devices in your area
  • Improvements
  • Collect, analyze, and document key process data in order to facilitate continuous improvements on both products and machines.
  • Cross-training, learning and teaching different processes
  • Other Essential functions
  • Be able to work independently and be self-motivated
  • Productivity should match or exceed expectations
  • Other duties as assigned

 Work Environment

While performing the duties of this job an employee is standing 6 to 12 hours a day and regularly working around moving mechanical parts with proper guarding. The work is done in a climate controlled building. Noise levels are moderate and below OSHA thresholds. Various chemicals are used to complete the tasks at hand and proper PPE must be worn. Regular lifting up to 30 pounds and occasional lifting up to 50 pounds. Sometimes lifting from floor to shelf or carrying short distances. Regularly walking between machines to complete tasks and occasionally going up and down a short ladder or step stool.

 Education/Experience Required

  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Machinist degree or certification from a college, higher related degree or applicable on the job training and experience
  • Advanced math skills

Skills/Abilities Required

  • Computer Skills
  • Ability to make and run programs
  • Ability to set up work offsets and tool offsets
  • Knowledge of tooling, speeds and feeds
  • Experience with G-code, M-code and macros
  • Manufacturing/mechanical experience
  • Familiarity with Blueprints/reading specifications
  • Attention to detail
  • Time management
  • Ability to work with small parts and tools
  • Ability to discuss topics and communicate effectively with team members
  • Problem Solving
  • Mechanical ability
  • Written and Verbal Communication skills

Skills/Abilities Preferred

  • Experience with Solidworks, CAD and CAM