Behind the Glass Door

Meet Scott Ahl, IRD’s NewRing Laser Gyro Cell Lead

March 29, 2016

IRD’s Ring Laser Gyro Cell is one of our busiest. Like a well-oiled machine, they produce Zerodur and nBK7 components used in the end manufacture of ring laser gyros for inertial navigation systems. These systems detect location and orientation in commercial aircraft and are key components in keeping airliners flying throughout the world.

Recent growth and changes at IRD opened up new opportunities, and promoting Scott Ahl to the Gyro Cell Lead was one of them. Scott is a Litchfield native with a long history in manufacturing and management. Scott’s been with IRD for over two years. He’s cross trained in every production aspect of the gyro cell and eagerly assumes his new leadership role. Asked about what he sees ahead, Scott anticipates production continuing at the fast and growing pace that it has. With IRD’s recent growth, Scott doesn’t see the need to reinvent a system that’s already working well. He’s got a great team of employees.  All are cross trained and able to slot in as needed. It makes for a great working environment.

Scott and his wife, Connie, enjoy six kids together in their blended family. With most still in school, his family enjoys camping, time outside and at waterparks. In his free time you can find Scott taking on remodeling projects in their new home. He’s quite the handyman and his talent follows through in all he does. IRD Glass is proud to have Scott as the new Gyro Cell Lead. Congratulations Scott!