Ceramic fabrication and manufacturing is not the same as manufacturing glass. It requires the use of different equipment, different slurries, and different polishing pads-but the commitment to precision, flatness, and scratch dig remains the same. Many hard ceramic parts we create have less than .0005” dimensional tolerance.
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We use high performance hard ceramic materials and employ precision ceramic machining equipment to produce components and sub-assemblies that accomplish customer-specific technical challenges. Most IRD Ceramics products are used in demanding environments. We ensure high performance with superior material selection, unsurpassed customization, and a unique ceramic fabrication process.


Our products are used in high temperature industrial processing of metals, petrochemicals, cement, ceramics and glass, and by manufacturers of equipment for aerospace, automotive, marine and domestic applications. Our core strength is our ability to get to grips with individual customer problems, using our materials and our applications expertise to design, manufacture and install optimum thermal solutions.


Our ceramic fabrication process produces hard ceramic material with low density compared to steel and excellent resistance to heat and corrosive chemicals. Our engineers use precision ceramic machining to turn these high tech materials into finished products. We use tight process control procedures and quality assurance techniques to reducing cycle time, variations, and eliminate defects and waste from the ceramic fabrication process.