2018/11/06 Webinar: Writing an RFQ That Delivers the Right Product at the Right Price

Presenter: Michelle deCastro, National Sales Manager, IRD Glass

This webinar, presented by IRD Glass, will guide you through the process of writing an effective RFQ for your custom optics project. Presenter Michelle deCastro, national sales manager for IRD Glass, will discuss the items to cover in your RFQ, including: application, product type, volume potential and schedule, material type, dimensions, surface quality, coatings; and […]


2018/04/26 Webinar: Synthetic Sapphire: Properties, Use and Selection

Presenter: Michelle deCastro, National Sales Manager

IRD Glass Sapphire, the hardest natural substance next to diamond, is stronger than many other optical materials. This webinar introduces synthetically grown sapphire and the range of applications for which it is an appropriate, and even a superior, choice.